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Maybe people would pay the bulls if they were to receive a notice that they owed a bill. I found out about it when I checked my credit report from Equifax it is not on Trans Union.........Then they of course try to get all this information when all I want his a bill in the mail to pay. ANd please don;t treat me like a child when I call in I am educated and do know how to speak. Read more

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Franklin services are billing me for services I never had nor never used because I did not have the required 100.00 dollars deposit the phone was never turned on so I don't see why I have pay for a deposit and if I pay franklin services I sure the AT&T company will turn the service on is that right Add comment

Never heard of them. Found on my credit report. No information. Acct closed on one reporting agency and opened on another. Add comment

I called Franklin Collection to report that I had paid my $62 collection bills directly with ATT so they can remove it from my credit report...I have been told I have to wait between 30 to 90 days. What kind of *** is that. I took them a minute to report me on credit bureau, but 3 months to remove it... What a *** company!!!!!!!!!!!! They also have threatened me from Day 1 on the phone that they will ruin my credit, and they made sure they kept... Read more

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Rude and wont work with you my payment came out then i get a letter stating funs not there charging you 40.00 for it bull *** they wouldnt even work with me told them i would gladly pay yhe fee thry were charged and anotjer processing fee nope why was it not all charged at once so a 85.02 fee went up to over 100.00 Add comment

Just needed to expose the *** who thinks it's okay to cuss out people in debt and make them feel worst about themselves. Had to look her up so I know what I'm dealing with. What this company is doing is not okay and needs shut down. They are a bunch of unprofessionally rude *** who are using our information illegally. Read more

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The most rudest people ever. Couldn't answer my question. Or maybe Diane needs to be retrained as well as the loser Brandon who wanted tell me about my language after I just spoke to that rude witch. After telling her I didn't know who they were calling for she proceeded to ask me if me my SSN#. Then she rattles off 4 numbers and again ask was it mine. Brandon had the balls to ask me my SSN#. I wouldn't tell them my information if my life... Read more

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THEY ARE SO *** RUDE Read more

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I called to pay on the bill. Hey you need to fix your automatic phone service. Its pretty bad. I'm not confident you'll get my money. It says it doesn't recognize my case number but then proceeds to tell me to enter my credit card number. If you don't recognize my number why would you want my cc number. I'm sure your company makes enough money to invest in a better system. This site is also awful. Why do I need to enter at least 100... Read more

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A bill from Franklin Collections showed up suddenly on my Equifax credit report last month. This month, it showed up on TransUnion and Experian as well! I called and the rude little snit at Franklin told me I owed AT&T $113 from 2014. (I have received neither a final bill from AT&T nor any correspondence from Franklin during the 13 months since I moved and terminated my service.) I attempted to speak with a supervisor at Franklin (a huge... Read more

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